Pantera is currently headlining (besides Ozzy) Ozzfest 2000.  I'll was there on July 22 in Camden, NJ (Philly).  After Ozzfest, Pantera will be doing a U.S. tour as headliners.  Here's the set-list from the Philly July 22nd show:

1. Intro (ZZ-TOP Tush)
2. Yesterday Don't Mean Shit
3. Walk
4. New Level
5. Hellbound
6. Godamn Electric
7. Becoming
8. Revolution is my Name
9. Death Rattle
10. Tease of Cemetary Gates
11. Fucking Hostile
12. This Love
13. Primal Concrete Sledge
14. Cowboys from Hell

The set-list is pretty much the same as their European tour earlier this year, with a few songs removed.

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