Review of Pantera from June 22, 2001 in Philadelphia, PA USA

Songs Played:
5 Minutes Alone
Goddamn Electric
War Nerve
Revolution Is My Name
Strength Beyond Strength
I'll Cast A Shadow/25 Years
Fucking Hostile
This Love
Primal Concrete Sledge
Cowboys From Hell
Walk (Encore)

I think the above order is correct - same as the first show on the tour.

The Philly show was great.  Not 100% on the exact order of the songs,
but this was the first time I saw them close with something besides
Cowboys from Hell.

Phil did say 3 or 4 times that it would be the last time we see
them for a while.  Craig's info was definitely good.

One thing Phil did say was that the Philly crowd blew away the NY
crowd - but he probably says that at each show.

The crowd went crazy during becoming, and at the egging of Phil, went
even crazier during I'll Cast a Shadow.

Vinnie sounded great.  Maybe it was my perspective - I stayed out of
the pit for a change, and sat on the first level, last row, straight on.
Great view, and it definitely was different than being on the floor
among the masses.  Phil didn't seem too fucked up or anything, and
didn't do too much of his ranting.

Overall, an EXCELLENT show.  Those of you who have Pantera coming up,
definitely have a great show to look forward to.  They definitely seem
to be tight, and are doing a better job than in 2000 with the new songs,
since they've finally played them a bunch I guess.

Slayer was also excellent.  I had never seen them except at Ozzfest -
where I wasn't too impressed, but the grass in Camden sucks to see
and hear a show from.
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